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At Fitness Supreme, in a one-size-fits-all approach. We create custom workout and nutrition plans tailored to your needs, fitness level, and goals.

Why is this important?

Because a personalized plan is more likely to be effective and sustainable in the long run. You’ll be more engaged and motivated when your program fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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Motivated individuals in a group fitness session in Dubai
Boxing fitness class in action at a Dubai personal training studio

Our Expert Personal Trainers

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Hear from our fitness champions and their

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Play Video about fitness client weight loss
Play Video about fitness client weight loss
Play Video about fitness client weight loss
Play Video about fitness client weight loss

The difference is clear, but

What sets us apart in personal training?

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Exclusive Gym Access

Our trainers come to you—be it your building gym, home, or your favorite park.

Adaptive Scheduling

We adjust to your schedule, making fitness easy and convenient for you.

Nutrition Guidance

Not just workouts, we offer holistic nutrition plans for a balanced lifestyle.

Custom Gym Workouts

Regardless of age or gender, we design programs that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Achieve your fitness goals in Dubai with expert personal training

About Fitness Supreme Personal Trainer Coaches

Get fit and feel great with Our Dubai personal trainers.

Seeking a slimmer physique, stronger muscles, or enhanced well-being? Skilled personal trainer uae guide you towards achieving your objectives.

Reputable organizations certify our trainers. These include REPs UAE, ACE, NASM, and NSCA. This means you can be confident that you’re getting expert guidance and support.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We certify our trainers. They’re experienced professionals with recognized certifications in personal training.

  • We’ll take a personalized approach. We’ll create a custom workout and nutrition plan for your needs and goals.

  • Holistic support: Our trainers go beyond exercise, offering guidance on nutrition and well-being.

10 Top Benefits of Your Hiring Personal Trainer Dubai ?

You get to join a “Lose Weight & Tone Your Body OR Muscle Building & kickboxing” service. This is with a Fitness Supreme personal trainer uae. It offers many benefits. Our Dubai personal trainer offers you custom support. They provide motivation and expertise. They help people achieve their health and wealth goals. Here are a few key benefits of choosing personal fitness services in Dubai. You can get the services online or offline.

A Dubai personal trainer can create custom workout and nutrition plans for you. They’ll base them on your needs and fitness level. This personalized approach confirms that the PTD program works for people. It shows that the program is effective and lasting.

Qualified personal trainer uae possesses knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition, and fitness principles. They can guide clients on proper form and technique. They also help them with the best exercises for weight loss and toning.

A Fitness Supreme personal trainer in Dubai provides motivation and accountability. Regular sessions with a trainer can help people stay on track. They’ve helped them stick to their fitness routine and overcome obstacles.

Our Personal Trainers Dubai are skilled. They design efficient workouts that truly help transform bodies and aid weight loss. This can help busy people. Coaches can make short workouts that give the best results.

Note: If you want to explore more about our experts, visit our Dubai Personal Trainers website.

the best Personal Trainer Dubai

How to Find Fitness Supreme Best Personal Trainer Dubai for Getting 100% Fitness Coaching Results?

If you want to find our best personal trainers in Dubai to get you in shape or ready to fight in a boxing championship. Here are the steps. They give you 100% results-focused Dubai personal trainer research. Start your membership today!

You must clearly define your fitness goals. You may want to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness, or enhance flexibility. Having clear goals will help you find a trainer with expertise in your areas. They will give you the best fitness coaching for your goals.

Ensure that the Personal Trainer Dubai is certified by a reputable fitness organization. You may look for certifications such as NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), ACE (American Council on Exercise), or other internationally recognized certifications.

Consider the Personal Trainer Dubai experience. Examine the areas that interest you. A trainer has a proven track record. They achieved results like your goals. They’re more likely to be effective.

Always read reviews and testimonials from our previous clients. This can give you insights into the trainer’s approach, effectiveness, and professionalism.

Ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. They should have had good experiences with our Dubai personal trainers. Or, you can check our website. always valuable for every client.

You must schedule a consultation or interview with our potential Personal Trainer Dubai. Then, state your goals, fitness level, and health concerns. Ask about our training philosophy and approach.

Consider the trainer’s availability and the location of our training sessions. Choose one of our trainers. They meet your targets. They offer sessions at a location that’s convenient for you.

Discuss the cost of personal training sessions. Also, ask about any package deals. Remember, investing in your health is a long-term commitment. The cheapest option may not always give you the best Fitness Supreme results.

Some of our Personal Trainers in Dubai offer a trial session. This can give you a firsthand experience of our training style. It will help you decide if you feel comfortable and motivated working with them.

If you prefer training at a gym, park, or house, check if our trainer is affiliated with them. They need to offer all kinds of personalized training in Dubai.

What you can achieve with our training services

Where every training session is personal

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Motivated individuals in a group fitness session in Dubai

Weight loss:
Lose weight, gain confidence

With Personal Trainer Dubai, embark on a journey to a healthier you. Our workouts target fat loss while prioritizing your well-being.

Dubai fitness training session in action

Toning up:
Shape and define

Find your form and accentuate your physique. Our trainers help you tone up, giving your muscles the definition they deserve.

Dubai personal trainers: Your personalized path to a healthier, fitter you.

Muscle building:
Stronger every day

From foundation to finish, build muscle and strength tailored to your goals. Step by step, we’ll guide you to your peak.

Transform your body and life in Dubai with a dedicated personal trainer.

Partner up:
Fitness is better together

Work out with a friend or partner. Dual motivation, double the fun, and shared achievements, all under expert guidance.

Boxing and fitness class in action at a Dubai personal training studio

Boxing & kickboxing: train, punch, repeat

Engage in dynamic workouts that improve fitness and instill discipline and focus. With Our PT Dubai, every punch counts.

Proficient Training with the best PT Dubai

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Improve your strength, health, and vitality with Personal Trainers Dubai. They will empower your fitness journey. Start today!

Personal Trainer Dubai taking notes and results

Fitness Supreme Best Personal Trainers in Dubai ​

Kickstart Your Dubai Fitness Journey with a Personal Trainer

Ready to transform your body and reach your fitness goals? Look no further! At Fitness Supreme, our experienced Dubai personal trainers can provide the expert guidance you need.

We offer personalized training plans to help you achieve:

  • Weight loss
  • Cardio improvement
  • Strength training
  • Muscle building
  • Overall fitness enhancement

Here’s why Fitness Supreme is the perfect choice:

  • Experienced trainers: Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to helping you succeed.
  • Customized plans: We get to know you and create a workout routine that fits your goals and lifestyle.
  • Faster results: Achieve your goals more efficiently with expert guidance and support.

Don’t wait! Take control of your health and book a free consultation today. Let’s get you started on your journey to a healthier, happier you!

Unlock your fitness potential in Dubai with the guidance of a professional personal trainer.

Our story, your success

Committed to Making Fitness Accessible for All

At Personal Trainer Dubai, we believe in the power of fitness to transform people. We operate in the heart of Dubai. Our mission is to offer quality personal training to everyone, everywhere. Join us on a journey to better health, with world-class trainers who are as committed to your goals as you are.

What You Can Expect from Our Fitness Supreme Personalized Training?

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Choose our Personal Trainer Dubai services. You can expect personalized training programs. They are made to meet your needs. Our experienced trainers will assess your fitness level. They will consider any health concerns or limitations. They will design a program that is challenging but safe. You may want to lose weight, build muscle, or boost fitness. Our trainers will make a plan for you. It will fit your unique needs.

Our Dubai personal trainers are highly trained. They are familiar professionals. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We will guide and support you in your fitness journey. confirm that you’re doing exercises correctly and effectively. Our Dubai personal trainer will also motivate and encourage you. They will push you to reach your full potential.

Setting goals is key in any fitness program. Our Trainer in Dubai will help you set goals. The goals will be both realistic and achievable. They will work with you to set short-term and long-term targets. They will also regularly track your progress to ensure you stay on track. Our Dubai personal trainers monitor your achievements. They use the data to adjust your program. This ensures that you keep making progress and finding success.

Fitness and nutrition go together. Our Dubai personal trainers understand the need for a balanced diet to get the best results. We will give you valuable nutrition guidance. It will help you choose healthier foods that support your fitness goals. You might need help with meal planning. Or, with understanding portion sizes. Or, with learning about nutrient sources. Our Personal Trainer Dubai will be there to teach and support you.

We understand that everyone has different schedules and commitments. That’s why our Dubai personal trainer services offer flexible training options. You may prefer one-on-one or partner-up sessions. You can do them in your home gym, a building gym, a park, or in-house. We have options for you. Our trainers will work with you to find a training schedule that fits your life. You can prioritize fitness without sacrificing other important parts of your life.

Personal training is one-on-one fitness training. It is designed to help you reach your specific fitness goals. Personal Trainers Dubai are qualified professionals. They can make a workout plan for you. They can give you motivation and support. They can track your progress.

Personal training is great for anyone who wants to reach fitness goals. It works for all ages and fitness levels. Personal training can be especially beneficial for people who:

  • Are new to exercise and need help getting started.

  • Have clear fitness goals. They may include losing weight, building muscle, or improving heart health.

  • Have injuries or limitations that require a modified exercise program.

  • Need help staying motivated and accountable.

Personal trainers in Dubai can help you lose weight. They do this by making a diet and exercise plan that fits your needs and goals. They can teach you how to eat well and exercise safely. We can offer you the motivation and support you need to reach your goals.

Dubai personal trainers offer services that tone your body. They do this by making a workout routine that focuses on your target muscle groups. We can teach you to do exercises with proper form. We will also help you slowly make your workouts harder and longer.

Personal Trainer Dubai can help you build muscle. They do this by making a workout routine that includes strength exercises. We can teach you how to do compound exercises. They work for many muscle groups at once. We also choose the right weight and resistance for each exercise for you.

Personal Trainer Dubai helps you find a fitness partner. The partner can help you stay motivated and accountable. We can also design a workout routine that you and your partner can do together.

Personal trainers in Dubai teach you the basics of boxing and kickboxing. They cover how to punch, kick, and defend yourself. We can also help you make a boxing or kickboxing workout plan. It will improve your fitness and teach you new skills.

Why Do You Choose Personal Trainer Dubai Personalized Training Service?

Customized Approach

Trainers can change fitness and nutrition plans for people. They do this to help people reach their goals. We can consider a person's current fitness level, health conditions, preferences, and lifestyle. This creates a more personal and effective program.

Motivation And Accountability

Having a personal trainer in Dubai provides a sense of accountability. Knowing that someone is monitoring progress and supporting the journey can motivate people. It helps them stay on track with their fitness and nutrition plans.

Efficiency And Effectiveness

Personal trainers design efficient workout routines that maximize the effectiveness of each session. This can save time and effort. This plan stands out from those with less-defined structures.

Education And Empowerment

Personal trainers often educate their clients about the principles of fitness and nutrition. This knowledge empowers people. It lets them make informed choices about their health. They can do this even outside the coaching sessions.

Results-Oriented Approach

Dubai personal trainers are focused on achieving results. We set realistic goals with clients. We work with them to reach those goals. This gives a structured and results-focused approach to fitness.

Variety And Innovation

Trainers can use many exercises and methods. They keep workouts interesting and hard. This variety can prevent boredom and plateaus. It helps many people stay committed to their fitness goals.

Addressing Specific Concerns

Dubai personal trainers can address specific concerns. These may include injuries, medical conditions, or time limits. We've tailored exercises and routines to fit these factors.

Access To Facilities And Equipment

Many trainers work in well-equipped fitness facilities. They provide access to a wide range of exercise equipment and resources that people may not have at home. This can enhance the effectiveness of workouts.

Social Support

Having a personal trainer can also provide a social support system. This camaraderie and encouragement are crucial. They help people going through the challenges of weight loss and body toning.

Recognize yourself in these? You're not alone,
and we've tailored a solution just for you!

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Ready to start your Personal Training journey?

Transform Today. Live Supreme.

Discover how to get in top shape. It will open the door to a healthier, happier you. You can do it all from your home or gym. Every fitness story starts with a single step. Take yours with Our Personal Trainer Dubai.

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Coach Damjan

Meet Our Team – Head Personal Trainer

Coach Damjan

Damjan was a former world-class boxer and Muay Thai fighter. He went from being an accomplished athlete to being a respected founder. He founded Fitness Supreme Personal Trainers in Dubai.

His early time in combat sports laid the foundation for a successful career. He took part in a world boxing championship in 2008/2009. It shaped his understanding of discipline and the mind-body balance.

At 17, Damjan shifted his focus to mentoring after discovering a passion for coaching. He eventually established Fitness Supreme in 2020. This venture represents his vision. It is for a fitness hub that offers personalized training and nutrition. He will lead it.

As a mentor, Damjan emphasizes learning and excellence. He ensures that his team of trainers stays updated on the latest fitness and health trends.

Is 15.30 Minutes with A Personal Trainer Enough?

Heart Disease: A Major Threat in the UAE

Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide, and the UAE is not immune. A report by the Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic shows a worrying 55% of people in the UAE are affected by heart disease.

The good news? Losing weight can significantly improve heart health. Programs like those from Dubai Personal Trainers can help people. They are at risk of heart disease. They can achieve weight loss and better health.

Weight Loss Can Also Help Manage Blood Pressure

Being overweight is a major cause of high blood pressure. Studies show even a small weight loss (5-10%) can significantly reduce your risk. Clients follow personalized fitness programs. They have seen their blood pressure drop to healthy levels in just 3 months.

Diabetes on the Rise in the UAE

The UAE has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world. In Dubai alone, 1 in 6 people have diabetes, a condition that causes high blood sugar levels. Factors like smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise all increase the risk of diabetes.

Health and Wellbeing in Dubai: A Critical Overview

Too Few Steps, Too Much Fast Food: UAE Battles a Growing Weight Problem

More than 4 out of 10 adults in the UAE are overweight, and a shocking 1 in 4 is obese. This serious health issue is especially concerning for women. These numbers come from a global health organization.

What’s causing this rise in weight problems? People are eating more fast food and processed meals instead of traditional foods. Also, more people are driving everywhere instead of walking or exercising. Cultural ideas about food and exercise may also play a role.

The good news? People are taking action! The government and health groups are working together to make healthy choices easier. They’re encouraging people to eat better and move more. They’re also making healthy foods more available.

Dubai’s Delicious Dilemma: Eating Out vs. Healthy Habits

Dubai’s vibrant restaurant scene makes it tempting to eat out frequently. This, combined with high grocery prices due to imports, can lead to weight gain for new residents. Reports suggest 30-40% of expats pack on pounds after moving to Dubai.

But there’s a positive trend! More people (around 35%) are incorporating fruits and vegetables into their diets. This shift is due to Dubai’s focus on health. They are eating healthier. This is likely because of health initiatives.

Dubai Gets Serious About Health

Since it launched its Health Strategy in 2016, Dubai has pushed hard for better health and wellness. This program goes beyond individual choices. It also aims to create a healthier environment. It will do this by making healthy choices easier to find in the city. This two-pronged approach is a major step towards a healthier, more active Dubai.

Read Our Success Stories With Our Expert Personal Trainers Dubai

fitness client weight loss
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Tania - 28
Weight Loss Personal Training

After trying numerous gyms in Dubai without lasting results, I joined Fitness Supreme on my sister’s recommendation and lost 14kg in just 3 months!

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Shan, 49
Fitness Personal Training

“They have transformed my life. I lost 15kgs in around 3 months! Fitness Supreme team has proven me that losing weight makes you look & feel younger.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Maliha, 26
Weight Loss Personal Training

“Every session is curated to my mood and energy. It’s like they’re in sync with me. I guess that’s why loosing weight was so effective!”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Ahmad, 32
Weight Loss Personal Training

“Working long hours at the office I hit 100kg and knew I needed a change. After 2 months with FS, I’ve lost 11kgs and regained my confidence. I feel like a new man!”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Jasmin, 41
Fitness Personal Training

“I feel absolutely fantastic! I’m much more energized than before. I lost weight. I just couldn’t be happier with my progress! I’ve finally found my consistency with Fitness Supreme. My highest recommendations.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Shaiful, 41
Fitness Personal Training

“In my first training I could barely do 5 push-ups and last time I attempted a pull-up was 10 years ago. Now – I can do 30 push-ups and 10 pull-ups and I lost 6kg.’’

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Nadia, 44
Weight Loss Personal Training

‘’The big 40 was a wake-up call for me. I wanted to get fit and feel younger. Fitness Supreme helped me lose 14kg and rediscover my zest for life. Their team is incredible!’’

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Yasmeen, 29
Fitness Personal Training

“Balancing work, and social life left me with no time or energy for myself. I was gaining weight and feeling sluggish. In just four months, I’ve lost 8kg and feel more vibrant than ever. Truly grateful to FS.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Aisha, 49
Fitness Personal Training

‘’Age is just a number, and Fitness Supreme has proven that to me. With their guidance, I’ve shed 12kg and have never felt stronger or more vibrant. Their approach is tailored and truly effective.’’

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Michael, 27
Fitness Personal Training

“I never realized how much weight I had put on until I struggled to keep up in a friendly football match. Now, I’m the one setting the pace on and off the field!”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Jamal, 47
Weight Loss Personal Training

“As a dad, I wanted to be active with my kids, but I didn’t have enough energy. FS’s program helped me lose 16kg and find renewed energy. Now, I’m not just watching from the sidelines; I’m part of the action.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

John, 40
Fitness Personal Training

“My wake-up call came during a health check. Joining Fitness Supreme Personal Trainer Dubai was the best decision I made. With their guidance, I’m down 10kg and feel like I’ve turned back the clock on my health.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Amina, 27
Weight Loss Personal Training

“Growing up, I always felt out of place being bigger than most of my friends. When I decided it was time for a change, Fitness Supreme Personal Trainer Dubai was my choice. Today, I’m 13kg lighter and feel more in sync with myself.”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Salem, 43
Weight Loss Personal Training

“Reaching 40s, my weight had ballooned, making everyday tasks a struggle. With Fitness Supreme PT Dubai, I shed 9kg in 2 months. I feel young, and my family has noticed the transformation too. A life-changer!”

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Rania, 43
Weight Loss Personal Training

‘’I was struggling with my weight and self-image for years. But the trainers at FS showed me the right path. 6 months in, and I’m 19kg lighter! .’’

fitness client weight loss
free assessment

Omar, 35
Body Building Personal Training

“Desk jobs had me packing on the pounds, and I barely recognized the man staring back in the mirror. Fitness Supreme Personal Trainer Dubai pulled me out of that rut. I’ve got my confidence back!”

Got questions? We've got answers

Fitness Supreme personal training costs AED 200 to AED 350 per hour in Dubai. Also, the price depends on factors like the trainer’s qualifications and experience. It also depends on the location of the session. Or, you may take online training.

Improved cardiovascular health

Increased strength and muscle mass

Reduced body fat

Improved balance and flexibility

Improved posture

Reduced risk of injury

Improved sports performance

Reduced chronic disease risk

Fitness Supreme Personal Trainer Dubai should have a recognized certification. It should be from a reputable organization, such as:

  • The Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (REPs UAE)

  • The American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

The REPs UAE is the national governing body for exercise professionals. It is in the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Sports Council and the Dubai Health Authority recognize it.

  • The best frequency for personalized training sessions depends on people. They have fitness goals and needs. However, most trainers recommend training 2-3 times per week. This is enough time to see results without overtraining or risking injury.

Our fitness training session will start with a warm-up and a dynamic stretch. They prepare your body for the workout and reduce your risk of injury.

After the warm-up, our Personal Trainer Dubai will lead you through many exercises. The exercises are designed to help you reach your fitness goals. These exercises may include strength training, cardio, and core exercises.

At the end of our workout, our Dubai trainer will guide you through a cool-down and a static stretch. Your body needs this to recover from the workout and prevent muscle soreness.

Here are the benefits of working with a personal fitness trainer. These benefits always attract people.

  • Personalized training provides you with customized goals.

  • Stay motivated and accountable on your fitness journey.

  • A personal trainer can teach you how to perform exercises safely and effectively.

  • Help you to prevent injuries by teaching you proper form and technique.

  • Help you to reach your fitness goals faster than if you were training on your own.

yes fitness supreme’ s personal trainer near you in Dubai.

and also we can come to you where ever you are

Personal training is great for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals. It’s for men and women, no matter their age or fitness level. Personal training can be especially beneficial for people who:

  • Are new to exercise and need help getting started.

  • They have specific fitness goals. These include losing weight, building muscle, and improving heart health.

  • Have injuries or limitations that require a modified exercise program.

  • Need help staying motivated and accountable.

Personal training is one-on-one fitness training. It is designed to help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Personal trainers are qualified professionals. They can make a custom workout plan. They can provide motivation and support. They can also track your progress.

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