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Fun and engaging way Kickboxing Training!

Your Kickboxing Training Journey Begins Here!

Searching for a fun and engaging way to stay fit?

Your Kickboxing Journey Begins Here!

Experience personalized kickboxing training sessions crafted to elevate your fitness journey, suitable for beginners or those looking to intensify their practice.

Choose your ideal setting – from your home workout space to a refreshing outdoor area – and we’ll guarantee a safe and dynamic workout experience.

Every drill and combination is carefully selected to enhance your cardiovascular health, strength, and agility, with a focus on the fundamental techniques of kickboxing. Our method emphasizes rhythm, power, and precision, tailored to align with your personal fitness objectives and skill level. This ensures a comprehensive and energizing workout that not only builds physical prowess but also boosts mental toughness and self-confidence.

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Jasmin, 41

“I feel absolutely fantastic! I’m much more energized than before. I lost weight. I just couldn’t be happier with my progress! I’ve finally found my consistency with Fitness Supreme. My highest recommendations.”

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Yasmeen, 29

“Balancing work, and social life left me with no time or energy for myself. I was gaining weight and feeling sluggish. In just four months, I’ve lost 8kg and feel more vibrant than ever. Truly grateful to FS.”

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Amina, 27

“Growing up, I always felt out of place being bigger than most of my friends. When I decided it was time for a change, Fitness Supreme was my choice. Today, I’m 13kg lighter and feel more in sync with myself.”

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What sets us apart?

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On-the-Go Training

Dubai Personal Trainers offers dynamic, on-the-go kickboxing training, perfectly adapting to your energetic lifestyle. Practice kickboxing anywhere, anytime, under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Flexible Timings

Our training center understands the value of your time. Dubai Personal Trainers provide flexible scheduling options, allowing you to easily incorporate kickboxing sessions into your busy schedule, no matter how tight your timetable may be.

Nutrition Guidance

Elevate your kickboxing experience with customized nutrition plans from Dubai Personal Trainers. Our nutrition experts craft diet strategies that complement your kickboxing routine and enhance your overall health and fitness.

Custom Training

At Dubai Personal Trainers, each kickboxing program is uniquely crafted. We evaluate your objectives, strengths, and areas needing improvement, devising a specialized training path that optimizes your benefits from kickboxing.

Our Expert Kickboxing Personal Trainers

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Expert Kickboxing Training with Top Fitness Instructors

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Revitalize Your Strength and Health with Expert Female Kickboxing Instructors in Dubai, Start Your Kickboxing Adventure Today!

Can you train yourself to be a boxer?

Fitness Supreme Premier Kickboxing Training in Dubai ​

If you’re looking for a personal coach specializing in Kickboxing in Dubai, look no further! At Dubai Personal Trainers, we provide specialized Kickboxing training designed to suit your individual fitness needs. Whether your aim is to boost stamina, enhance agility, build muscle strength, or improve overall fitness, our expert trainers will create a Kickboxing program that matches your health and lifestyle goals. Our profound expertise in Kickboxing ensures that we guide you more effectively and efficiently towards realizing your fitness dreams. Begin your Kickboxing journey today – join forces with Dubai’s top personal trainers for Kickboxing and start on a path to a more energetic, stronger, and resilient you!

Boxing fitness class in action at a Dubai personal training studio

Our story, your success

Our Dedication, Your Achievement.

At the core of Fitness Supreme is a fundamental belief: everyone holds the potential for an empowering Kickboxing journey. Situated in the vibrant heart of Dubai, we excel in offering top-tier personal Kickboxing training, accessible to enthusiasts of all levels. Begin your path towards increased stamina, strength, and mental sharpness under the mentorship of our devoted trainers, who are as dedicated to your Kickboxing aspirations as you are. With Fitness Supreme, your quest for enhanced physical prowess and mental resilience through Kickboxing becomes our shared goal, ensuring every session propels you nearer to your peak state of health and vigor.

Achieve Your Fitness Dreams With Us

Every session is a step closer to your goals

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Enhanced Muscle Strength

Kickboxing training is effective in building muscle strength, particularly in the core, arms, and legs, while also boosting cardiovascular health. This not only enhances physical appearance but also contributes to overall functional strength and endurance.

Boosted Metabolic Rate

The high-intensity nature of kickboxing exercises helps elevate the body’s metabolic rate. Unlike Pilates, kickboxing involves more dynamic and high-energy movements, which can lead to increased muscle mass and improved efficiency in energy expenditure, aiding in effective weight management.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Regular kickboxing training, with its emphasis on controlled movements and stability, enhances balance and coordination. This is crucial for joint health and agility, benefiting overall body function and reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Increased Energy Levels and Stress Relief

Participating in kickboxing can significantly increase energy levels and aid in stress relief. The vigorous nature of the sport, combined with the focus required, helps release endorphins, reducing stress and enhancing overall mood and mental well-being.

Is It Worth Having a Personal Trainer Once a Week?

Improved Reflexes and Reduced Injury Risk

Kickboxing is known for its ability to improve reflexes and overall body awareness. Enhanced reflexes, combined with increased strength and coordination, lead to a reduced risk of injury in daily life and other physical activities, as well as improved performance in various sports.


Why Choose Fitness Supreme Dubai Kickboxing Training Service?

Tailored Kickboxing Techniques: Our personal trainers excel in devising fitness and nutrition plans specifically for kickboxing. Recognizing each individual's unique health, preferences, and lifestyle, we develop a highly personalized and effective kickboxing program.

Inspiration and Commitment: A personal coach not only drives motivation but also fosters accountability. Knowing that someone is monitoring your progress and championing your journey boosts your commitment to your kickboxing routine.

Targeted Efficiency: Our trainers design kickboxing routines that maximize the efficiency of each session, focusing on strength, endurance, and agility. This targeted approach ensures more structured and impactful workouts compared to generic fitness plans.

Educational Empowerment: We educate our clients on the fundamentals of kickboxing and its health benefits, enabling them to make informed choices about their physical and mental well-being.

Dynamic Variety: Our trainers introduce a diverse array of exercises and innovative kickboxing techniques, ensuring workouts remain stimulating and effective. This variety helps avoid monotony and promotes continuous improvement in strength and cardiovascular health.

Personalized Attention: We adapt to individual needs and skill levels with tailored exercises and routines, ensuring a safe and effective kickboxing experience for everyone, regardless of their fitness background.

Premier Facilities and Equipment: Training with personal trainers grants access to first-class fitness facilities and specialized kickboxing equipment, elevating the effectiveness and diversity of your workouts.

Supportive Community: Having a personal trainer also means becoming part of a community that provides social support and encouragement. This sense of camaraderie is crucial for maintaining motivation and dedication to your kickboxing journey.

Goal-Driven Focus: Our Dubai personal trainers are committed to aiding clients in achieving concrete results. We establish realistic goals with clients and jointly strive towards them, ensuring a methodical and results-focused approach to kickboxing training.

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Ready to start your supreme journey?

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Every kickboxing journey starts with a single powerful strike. Begin yours with Personal Trainer Dubai, meticulously designed for kickboxing training. Our method integrates seamlessly into your daily routine, transforming your exercise regimen into an effective pathway to improved stamina, muscle strength, and agility. Make your first punch with us and redefine your fitness story through the dynamic discipline of kickboxing.

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Got questions? We've got answers

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport derived from a combination of boxing and martial arts such as karate and Muay Thai. It involves using both punches and kicks against an opponent or for fitness training.

Kickboxing is suitable for most people, regardless of age or fitness level. Beginners can start with basic techniques and gradually progress. However, it’s important to have a physical check-up before starting, especially for those with pre-existing health conditions.

Benefits include improved cardiovascular health, enhanced strength and flexibility, better coordination and balance, stress relief, and significant calorie burn. It’s also effective for self-defense and boosting self-confidence.

Yes, kickboxing is an excellent workout for weight loss. It combines cardio and strength training, which helps burn calories and build muscle. A typical hour-long session can burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories.


For beginners, basic gear like gloves, hand wraps, and comfortable athletic clothing are sufficient. As you progress, you may want to invest in additional equipment like headgear, mouthguards, and kickboxing pads or heavy bags for practice.


Like any physical sport, there’s a risk of injury in kickboxing. However, with proper technique, appropriate gear, and guidance from a qualified instructor, the risk is minimized. It’s important to start slow, understand your limits, and gradually increase intensity.

Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to begin your transformation?


Ready to Begin Your Transformation?

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