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DIY Guide to Starting Boxing in Dubai

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No time, no energy, no motivation?

Is there Boxing in Dubai?

Yes, there is definitely boxing in Dubai! In fact, the city boasts a thriving boxing scene with different gyms and clubs from beginners to professional fighters’ levels. Round 10 Boxing Club – Dubai is a gym that is a dream-true location for any boxing fan. It offers different programs for all the boxers’ levels and guides all the juniors to step into the ring to learn it, such as footwork, punches, and combinations. The classes given by the Round 10 boxing club are a great way to taste boxing and its intense workout routine.

Dubai also hosts professional boxing events throughout the year, which grab top level fighters in a passionate crowd. So, if you are a boxing lover or looking for someone to find challenging workouts, the boxing scene of the Round 10 club has something to offer in Dubai.

Is there Boxing in Dubai?
How do I get into boxing training?

How do I get into boxing training?

Here are a few points that let you get into boxing training wherever you want to take it:

  • You should research local boxing gyms or inquire at nearby fitness centers. You must also look for gyms with experienced trainers and positive reviews. Always judge your gym by its cover because it matters how it looks and does everyone respects each other.
  • Invest in proper hand wraps, a mouthpiece, and comfortable workout clothes. You might need your own gloves initially, but some gyms provide all boxing stuff.
  • Focus on footwork, stance, and proper punching technique before hitting the heavy bag. A good coach will guide you through an inch of boxing fundamentals.
  • Boxing training is a mix of cardio, strength, and agility drills. Always be prepared to float, sweat, and push your strength limits, but remember to listen to your body first and take rest days.

Note: Enjoy your boxing routine! Boxing is a challenging but rewarding workout that builds confidence, discipline, and mental toughness. So, step into the ring and feel the thrill of the jab!

How do I start training for boxing?

Here are the steps to start the training as a boxer:

  • Punch with light but sharp punches to improve quality.
  • Start with shorter combinations of punches.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Learn boxing while watching others.
  • Correct breathing technique
  • Keep your head up.
  • Get harder workouts gradually.
  • Proper boxing stance, whether you hit the punch bag or spare
  • Hands high and elbows down, which provide better defense against body punches
  • Keep punching regularly – keep your head and fit up for protection.
  • Be focused and keep going to achieve the 100% result
  • Always use footwork drill to stand up in front of your competitor
  • Focus when you are fighting, and use your footwork to your advantage
Can you train yourself to be a boxer?

Can you train yourself to be a boxer?

Yes, you can train yourself to become a boxer, but you have to stick with dedication, consistency, discipline, and a solid training regime. Most top-level boxers suggest that don’t do boxing without getting training by a professional boxer. Without a trainer or coach, competitive boxing abilities and ring experience are difficult to develop.

You must start with basics such as footwork, punches, and combinations and gradually progress to more advanced techniques such as blocking, bobbing and weaving, and defense. You should also do regular practice, both in the ring and through shadowboxing, which is good for improving technique, strength, and strength. Additionally, proper nutrition, rest, and recovery are essential aspects of boxer training.

why choose Dubai Personal Trainers to Start Boxing Training?

As certified personal trainers committed to your well-being, we adhere to the fitness guidelines recommended by the Dubai Health Authority. These guidelines, established by the local health authorities, ensure that our fitness programs align with the best practices for health and safety in Dubai. Our collective dedication to following these standards underscores our commitment to providing you with effective and safe fitness solutions.

we align our practices with industry leaders and esteemed fitness associations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our association with:

  1. American Council on Exercise (ACE): ACE is a renowned organization committed to setting high standards in fitness education, certification, and research. Our alignment with ACE ensures that our training programs meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

  2. International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA): As proud members of IHRSA, we are part of a global community promoting health and fitness. This association allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge and effective fitness solutions.

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